Free reflective essay example 02Free reflective essay example 02Free reflective essay example 02
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Reflective Essay
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My belief about myself as a learner when I entered the class was a positive one. I
attended a college prep school for high school and went to Oregon State University last
year. I had plenty of practice with different learning techniques and found what works
well for me. I believe I’m more of a visual learner than an auditory learner. It is easier to
see a powerpoint and retain the knowledge then listen to a lecture and have the same
retention. Entering the class I thought I liked working in groups more than working
individually on projects, but that has since changed. I think it is more beneficial to me to
work alone because I can get more done. When I entered the class I believed that reading
the material closer to the due date was a better idea because I may not remember what I
had read if I didn’t.
What I have discovere