Free statement of purpose example 31Free statement of purpose example 31
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Statement of Purpose (SOP)
It is mandatory to submit a statement of purpose and it is a key document in the decision making
process. It is therefore extremely important that you give considerable thought towards preparing
the SOP. Be as concise and clear as possible and if you are applying for more than one
programme, prepare a SOP for each.
Below you will find a form where you must fill in the relevant information.
Full Name of the applicant:
Title of the MSc Eng. programme at DTU you are applying for:

Information about your Qualifying degree
English name of your university:
Country of your university:
Awarded / to be awarded degree from your university (in English + original language):
GPA from your home University along with the maximum and minimum passing grade:
Converted GPA to the Danish Scale:

Your plan for the future and motivation to study at DTU
State your future academic goals and how your study at DTU will help you
achieve these (max. 1500 characters):

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