Free statement of purpose example 33Free statement of purpose example 33
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The guiding principle of my life is to have passion for my work. I strongly believe in
undertaking activities that I enjoy, so that I can channelise all my energies in one
direction and persevere in a dedicated manner. I believe in a life by choice, not by
Convergence of management and technology …
The growing pace of advances in information technology and communications has
affected the way we do business. New technologies have introduced increased levels of
automation. Information systems have made it easier to communicate, collaborate and
cooperate to achieve common goals. To survive, thrive and beat the competition in
today’s competitive world, business organizations have to make technology an ally and
harness its full potential.
With my understanding and experiences from nearly four years of undergraduate study
in information technology, I believe that my interest and aptitude lies in subjects that
involve convergence of technology and business. My goa