Free statement of purpose example 28Free statement of purpose example 28Free statement of purpose example 28
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Statement of Purpose for Lilly Irani
I. Primary interest of study – My research projects at Stanford, my interest in HCI, and my
subsequent employment in Google are motivated by an passion for inclusion – turning a critical
eye towards design processes and artifacts to understand how they privilege certain kinds of
people and generating more inclusive design possibilities. While I realize that PhD work will
spark new connections and questions, several questions I would currently like to research include:
How can ready-to-market ubiquitous computing, such as cell phones, vastly improve living
conditions across “the digital divide”? In 2002, I worked with Reuters Digital Vision Fellow Raj
Pingali and a team of fellow students to design and build software for medical caregivers in
Hyderabad, India. Equipped with a laptop running our software and a motorbike, the caregivers
acted as liaisons, traveling from Hyderabad to surrounding villages, collecting diagnostic
information from villagers