Free statement of purpose example 09Free statement of purpose example 09Free statement of purpose example 09
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1. Math Highlights
Remember some concrete moments and activities in your life that turned you towards
mathematics, ignited some passion about math, or expanded your view on mathematics.
Make a (chronological) list of them. Include some key words how and why these events
influenced you. Decide on one or two that you may want to describe in some more detail.

2. Look Ahead
Think what intrigues you about mathematics that you still want to learn. The idea is not to come
up with a program of study for future years – which is likely to appear very odd anyway not
having had extensive exposure to graduate mathematics already. Rather give specific examples
of things you read about or things you learned the beginnings of and wanted to understand more
about. Those should be personal and specific and help underscore your eagerness to move
further into math. At all times be yourself and honest with what you can understand. It is OK to
say you are undec