Free statement of purpose example 12Free statement of purpose example 12Free statement of purpose example 12
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Neuroscience Statement of Purpose

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Sensory perception inspired my interest in neuroscience. As a classically trained vocalist,
I first became fascinated by how auditory stimuli evoke emotional responses, which grew into a
passion for understanding how sensory perception connects the physical and the mental worlds.
Opening up the “black box” between sensory stimuli and behavior has become my main
intellectual drive in investigating the brain. Researching the mechanisms underlying these
processes has been incredibly rewarding, and compels me to delve deeper into the
neurobiological complexities of the brain, underlying my resolve to pursue a career in
neuroscience. With the opportunities afforded to me through a Ph.D., I hope to contribute to
research in the field of sensory perception.
As a sophomore at Barnard College, I investigated the role of oral stimulation of sweet taste
on pancreatic insulin release in Dr. John Glendinning’s lab. We were surprised to find that a mouse