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Letter of Scholarship

Jakarta, 15 January 2008
Coordinator of Master CLE
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program
Professoressa Anna Soncini
University of Bologna
My name is Dina Mardiana. I’m a graduate from University of Indonesia with a major in
French, and therefore I was granted a degree Bachelor of Humanities.
I have a big interest and passion in foreign languages, cultures and its people. It has
grown since I was a little girl when I had the opportunity traveling to several countries
abroad with my family for a vacation or holiday. My curiosity with the local cultures and
languages of the local people also arise as we met them in the street or stopped by in a
recreational place or tourist sites, for example. And so I had a dream that one day in the
future I would get to know with them, learn their language, observe their customs and
traditions, and things alike. I thought it would not just be an exciting experience but also
something that would broaden my mindset and understanding to