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Aberdeen Youth Wrestling Club Scholarship Application
The Aberdeen Youth Wrestling Club was founded in the year 2013 to enhance the foundation of youth wrestling
in the Aberdeen community and provide opportunities for the youth to participate and compete in the sport of
Scholarships up to $1000.00 per scholarship are funded annually by the Aberdeen Youth Wrestling Club
established in 2013.


Scholarships are limited to Aberdeen Central High School seniors registered in a college or
technical school.
2. Applicant has shown determination for classroom academic achievement.
3. Applicant has shown a dedication to the sport of wrestling in the Aberdeen wrestling program.
No candidate shall be denied being recipient of a scholarship on the basis of race, creed, sex,
religion, national origin, or any other basis which is prohibited by Section 501 (C) (3) of The
Internal Revenue Code.
Application Procedure
Applications may be picked up at the Aberdeen Public School