Free Scholarship Application Template 03Free Scholarship Application Template 03Free Scholarship Application Template 03
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Rotary Club of Milwaukee
2018 Scholarship Application
Rotary Club of Milwaukee Scholarships are awarded to Milwaukee Area students during
their senior year of High School or during college. Applications are to be submitted to
the RCM scholarship committee in April of the year prior to the academic year for which
you are requesting support. All information submitted will be held in confidence and
used solely for the purpose of scholarship administration.
1. This is a writable PDF. You will be able to save your work and edit your
responses if you use Adobe Acrobat; otherwise must print the application after
you have completed it. You may also print the application and fill it out by hand.
Make sure your handwriting is legible.
2. Print or type your name and school on each page.
3. Print or type information on Pages 2-6, Personal Data and Financial Data. Do not
substitute forms. Minimal additional supplemental information may be accepted.
4. Print or type an essay and includ