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Part-time Jobs
My first job, and the first jobs of countless people, was a part-time position. I think
this is partly because full-time jobs are more difficult to obtain, and they require less
responsibility in general. Employers also like to hire people for part-time gigs, as they
often do not require them to hand out benefits. But anyways, my initial job was
freelance work on people’s yards: mowing their lawn, weeding, digging out stumps,
and other lawn maintenance occupations. However, my first official (on paper) job
was working at my community college as a writing and English tutor. I believe it was
not only a great step forward towards full-time office work, but it also taught me that I
love teaching and interacting with people of various backgrounds. In addition, I
learned the joy of working around my own schedule.
What was perhaps the most intriguing about me obtaining this position is that I got
poor grades in English and writing in high school. It was only in college that I b