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Honesty is a principle that countless people value. In friendships, marriages, work
relationships, and more, honesty is regarded as a prime ethical rule. However, there
is often a grey area where it can be hardly seen as proper or helpful. In my own
personal life, I have been through many instances where lying was the best action in
the face of danger. In light of this, I would like to discuss when being honest is fair,
and when it is not.
Though they seem like subjective concepts, I usually gauge something as either
constructive or destructive. So, as long as telling the truth is constructive, I tell the
truth. However, when telling the truth becomes destructive, I make sure I give a white
lie, or even a flat out lie. Being constructive and destructive can be thought of as
affecting oneself and others. It would be hedonistic to think of only yourself.
I would admit to the rarity of the times when being honest is destructive.
However, these moments are often our most challengi