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To travel or not to travel? This is a common question many people ask. It is
a pertinent inquiry, as salaried workers often do not want to shell out loads
of cash to see the world. Commonly, individuals prefer to save their
money for buying a car, purchasing a house or apartment, or get some
other material possession. However, there are people who would rather
see more of what the world has to offer instead of saving a lot of money. I
guess I can be said to be one these individuals.
I have been to India, the US (born there), Canada, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey,
and the United Arab Emirates. You can say I am well traveled, though I
know of several other people in my circle of friends who have been to
more countries than me. Anyways, I want to reflect on what this
experience has brought me.
Firstly, I can say that it has given me a fresh and priceless perspective on
how the world operates and looks like. Sure, we can watch National
Geographic and other TV channels to gain knowledge abo