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Geriatrics Home Visit Reflection
The most recent home visit with Dr. K was an eye opening opportunity and one that was
in stark contrast to the first home visit I took in the FMC month. That first home visit was to the
public housing units near OTR where we visited a patient in her late 30’s who was essentially
homebound, had poor health literacy, was living in a bedbug infested apartment and spent most
days just lying on her couch because her mobility was such an issue. For this patient, just getting
up to Christ required 3 buses and was an all day affair. What was most apparent was a lack of
social supports for her to rely in the management of her chronic conditions.
In contrast, this most recent visit was to an elderly woman with diabetes showed me how
the geriatric population can flourish when they are supported by a multitude of the social
determinants of health. She has three children who all support her: the son with house
maintenance, a daughter with groceries and all other err