Free reflective essay example 41Free reflective essay example 41Free reflective essay example 41
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Example Reflection Paper
Adult Development: Service Learning Reflection
Dr. Stephanie Wilsey
December 7, 2011
Late Adulthood: Service Learning and Life Review Project
During this Adult Development class, I learned a lot about the mental, cognitive,
physical, and socio-emotional aspects of aging from our class discussions and textbook material.
It was interesting to see the age and background diversity among our class participants, not
excluding our encounters with the Women of West Oakland and the Sisters of Mercy. It was a
very valuable learning experience for me to be able to apply the concepts learned in the
classroom and online to the physical people we encountered. From all of the chapters in the
textbook, I learned many terms for concepts that I knew, but did not understand the real
definition and impact that they had on aging. I want to reflect on the different chapters that we
encountered and talk about them and their meaning in regards to aging, as well as the
relationships th