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Reflection paper
Krayukhina Taya

Zulu virgin testing

Nongoma is a royal city of KwaZulu-Natal (Zululand) in South Africa. King Goodwill
Zwelethini, hereditary king of the Zulu nation, lives there. His royal palaces are placed in
Nongoma. These places are very interesting for tourists. Moreover, Zululand is the site of the
royal Reed dance ceremony - an ancient traditional annual festival. But this festival has one
feature. Only virgins are entitled to participate in the ceremony. Each girl must undergo virginity
testing; this is a condition of participation.
Virginity testing is an old tradition in many countries. Originally this test was intended for young
brides who had to prove innocence to their parents and parents of her future husband, because
the result of testing amount the pay that the groom's family should pay the bride's family.
Currently this cultural ritual, «Reed dance», is used as a way of making sure girls of
different ages (starting from earlier four years) stay pure