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Writing 205- Dr. Brown
Final Reflective Essay
Both the rhetorical analysis and the research paper and the whole process that went into
that was different than the work I have been asked to do in previous writing classes both in high
school and in college. For the rhetorical analysis we were instructed to choose 1 or 2 articles, I
chose two, and write a paper in which we analyzed the rhetoric to make meaning of each of the
articles. The particular demands of this assignment included putting the articles in conversation
with each other, which could only be done effectively if we fully understood the rhetoric present
in each of the articles, recognizing the audience each article was intended for, pinpointing the
genre in each and other aspects of rhetoric. By doing this we could compare the two articles and
highlight how and why these aspects are important. For the research project, the demands were
to do research on a topic, find relevant and credible sources, create our own way of condu