Free parental consent form template 08Free parental consent form template 08
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Reed College Consent to Participate in Research
[Project Descriptor or Project Title]
This is a [senior thesis/research/class project] study conducted by [name]. I am
studying [description]. Your child will be asked to [describe important parts of procedure].
Your participation will require [approximately ? minutes]. Your child will earn [list incentive,
if any] for participating.
[If there are any risks involved in participating in the study, describe here.]
The data collected in this research project will be kept confidential. Your child’s name
will not be stored with the data, and this consent form will be stored separately from your
child’s data. Reports of this study will not include individual data in a form by which your
child could be identified. Data from this study will be stored using [describe storage
procedures here]. Any identifiable information (e.g., your child’s name, contact information,
recordings, etc.) will be destroyed by [date]. [Note: this paragraph may take a n