Free pythagorean theorem 45Free pythagorean theorem 45Free pythagorean theorem 45
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MA241: Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet

(1) For this problem, use the diagram in 3.1, page 39 of your textbook. Do not use the
Pythagorean Theorem in Problem 1.
(a) For each of the three triangles, find the area of the adjacent squares (a2 , b2 , and c2 )
and use these areas to find the length of each side (a, b, and c).
(b) Make a conjecture about the relationship between a2 , b2 , and c2 depending on whether
a triangle is acute, right, or obtuse.
(c) Draw another acute triangle and another obtuse triangle and see if your conjecture is
true for these.
(2) Cut out the colored shapes on the last page and put them together as directed.
(a) In the squares below, make a sketch of how you assembled the pieces.

(b) If the sides of the small triangles are a, b, and c (in increasing order), what is the length
of one side of the big square in part (a)? Use this to find the area of the big square.
(c) Now take the big square from (a) that contains the pink square (the one with sides of