Free pythagorean theorem 33Free pythagorean theorem 33Free pythagorean theorem 33
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ARI Curriculum Companion – Working with Two-Dimensional Measurement

In this section, the lessons focus on the concepts of area, perimeter, and volume. The eighth grade
lessons focus on understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.
These lessons form an outline for your ARI classes, but you are expected to add other lessons as needed
to address the concepts and provide practice of the skills introduced in the ARI Curriculum Companion.
Some of the lessons cross grade levels, as indicated by the SOL numbers shown below. Such lessons
help students connect the content from grade to grade and to accelerate.

Standards of Learning

The student will
a) find perimeter, area, and volume in standard units of measure;
b) differentiate among perimeter, area, and volume and identify whether the application of the
concept of perimeter, area, or volume is appropriate for a given situation;

6.10 The student will
c) solve practical problems involving area and perimeter;
8.10 The