Free Plot Diagram Template 27Free Plot Diagram Template 27Free Plot Diagram Template 27
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Plot/Prior Knowledge

Essential Questions: How can I identify the plot and the type of conflict?

A plot, or underlying story structure, is found only in fiction. A plot begins when a character has a
problem or conflict. The problem builds up during the rising action, is met directly at the climax or
turning point, and comes to an end, as the action winds down, during the resolution. Characters
are people or animals in a story. Characters show what they are like by what they say and do and
how they treat each other.
Good readers use what they already know to help them follow a story. Before you read, look at the
title, illustrations, and author. Have you read stories by this author before? Remember that you will
read about characters, a problem, and how that problem is resolved.
Reading Street, Grade 5, Unit 5, p. 262.
Part A: Introduce/Reteach Plot
Materials: copy the Plot Diagram on both sides of a paper for each student (used for p