Free Plot Diagram Template 20Free Plot Diagram Template 20Free Plot Diagram Template 20
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Lesson 1—Elements of Plot
Class ________Date(s) _______Period(s)____________Teacher________________________
Unit: Elements of Plot with emphasis on Characterization
Curriculum Planning:
Topic(s)/ Goal(s)
Review the characteristics of plot and demonstrate an understanding of plot elements in the short story
Learning Objectives/Questions
Students will demonstrate an understanding of plot and its elements by identifying exposition, rising action,
climax, falling action, and resolution for the short story ___________ in an online plot diagram, poster, or human
plot pyramid.
Instructional planning:

Assessment planning:

Invitation to learn / Anticipatory Set
5 minutes

Evidence of readiness:

Ask students what movies they have seen recently that
were horrible and try to pinpoint what was horrible
about the movie guiding the conversation to plot. Some
movies are boring because they appear to have no plot.
Explain that plot is what a good story is made up of.
Information / Instr