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Why Marriage Is Still Important
It is a common refrain nowadays: “I don’t want to get
married. There is no meaning to it anymore, and it
does not really matter.” However, the statistics say
otherwise. Data has shown that married people are
on average healthier, wealthier, and live longer. It
does not matter if you want to abstain from marriage
or not: the facts point to marriage being an overall
beneficial practice for almost all spheres of human
Numerous studies have shown that marriage makes
one healthier. For instance, “Roberto Manfredini—
a professor of Internal Medicine at the
University of Ferrara in Italy—and colleagues
pored over data from 35 studies conducted
over the past several years which included 1.2
million subjects. After all was said and done,
the global study—published in the Journal of
married is in fact “associated with lower risk
factors and better health status”’ (Entity). There
are certain reasons for this: hypert