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What President Barack Obama
Got Wrong

President Barack Obama left
office with better than average polls. He is a
charismatic leader that countless people adore.
However, Obama has many critics as well: there are
definite reasons for lambasting him. Many racerelated riots and attacks happened during his
presidency, his withdrawal from troops in Iraq and
Afghanistan lead to a further disaster in the area, his
promotion of the drone program was ethically
unsound, and the economic progress he made
during his eight years was historically low.
Though Obama was the first African-American U.S.
president, and he was seen as a bridge between
racial communities, the amount of race riots and
race-related violence grew during his two terms.

According to the Washington Examiner, “The legacy
of Obama represented a time when race-related
riots were on the rise. We can’t forget the scenes on
television in Baltimore and Ferguson, or the violence
that erupted after the deaths of Oscar Grant,
Trayvon M