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Center of Attention
Sports take precedence over many activities such as academics
or the arts. Many high school students put too much emphasis on
sports which results in poor academics, overshadowing of the arts, and
unnecessary drama. If this is not changed many high school students
will face a rude awakening when attending college.
As a high school student, witnessing a classmate place academics
after sports is not an uncommon occurrence. Many players put
homework on the back burner as soon as sports begin. Many students
become so involved in sports that grades suffer horribly and the teacher
suffers too. Teachers work hard to help students learn and succeed in
life. Then many students thank them by not turning in homework or
cheating. How ethical is that? Some students attain the “I don’t want to
be here” attitude and don’t try at all! Is that rewarding to the teacher?
Rewarding no, disappointing yes. Students need to become more
focused on school or they may not receive scholarship