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Extended School Days
In The U.S., there is a crisis in public education. Basically,
American public education stands somewhere in the middle
of country rankings in terms of testing in reading,
mathematics, and science (DeSilver, Drew). Even though we
have the largest economy in the world (Smith, Rob), we
seem to not be able to develop great standard education.
Knowing that education is the foundation of any major nation,
it seems plausible that to increase our students’ test scores,
pupils should spend more days at school, or at least engage
in more hours of study. There are already about 520,000
students who study at school for extended hours (“Raise
Achievement”), and below is a discussion about why this
educational revolution needs to happen.
Though we have as many or more instructional hours put into
a school year than most countries, the amount of days our
students spend at school is quite low compared to competing
nations. This method seems like a formula for failure, as
the coun