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Raising the Minimum Driving Age
Place the key in the ignition to start the vehicle, try to clear your
blind spot and safety first; situate your seat belt. Every responsible and
mature driver does the above ritual to embark on their driving journey,
sadly however, people are taking into account raising the minimum
driving age. Would this or would this not be an appropriate resolution? I
think not. The minimum driving age should not be raised however,
others squabble this topic.
Raising the minimum driving age would significantly incontinence
large families, independent youths. The driving age should continue at
the minimum age that it is currently today. If the minimum age was
amplified it would create a huge strain on large families that must
depend on the eldest child of the household to run errands. Some
households for instance mine; contain one mother, father and five
children under the age of eighteen. However, I am the child that is
eighteen and very much so reliant upon as if an