Free persuasive essay example 38Free persuasive essay example 38Free persuasive essay example 38
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Lessons to Learn
She runs down the court. A bead of sweat rolls down
her face. To her, this is the feeling of hard work. Many
valuable lessons can be learned through sports that may
dramatically help a teenager. Work ethic, responsibility,
teamwork, leadership, passion, success, and failure: all
of these can be learned through sports and used in
various ways throughout the athlete’s life.
Sports promote work ethic. In sports, there is
practice on every week day, and possibly some on
weekends. This shows the athletes that nothing comes
easy; it takes hard work and dedication. Practice makes
perfect. This is also true in the classroom. In order to get
good grades and a full education, hard work must be
Responsibility is a key factor in school and sports.
Sports require an athlete to be responsible and attend all
practices. If an injury occurs, the athlete must be
responsible enough to inform the coach and take the
proper steps for a full recovery. In the classroom,