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High School Sports
High school sports play a big role in school and have a great affect on a
large percentage on students. Besides academics, sports make a school’s
history what it is. Also being involved in sports develops and improves a lot of
skills that students wouldn’t develop in the classroom. A lot of times in athletic
competitions you’re put in a position to where you have to challenge yourself
and strategize on how to wear down or stop your opponent. Winning and losing
competitions push you harder to achieve success and not give up. There’s still
another opportunity.
Academics….learning in the classroom, something just
about every athlete needs to be successful. Yes you learn lessons in the
classroom like when you pass or fail a test because you didn’t study or pay
attention the previous class. This doesn’t pressure or bother enough students to
want to do better on the next one, that’s why I believe athletics or sports have a
better lessoned learned out of it.
Lessons learned