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The value of Taking Risks and Making Mistakes in Life
There are many consequences for those who choose to make
mistakes in life. Some find out earlier then others. But it’s not up to us
to fix others mistakes; they have to learn to fix their own problems and
mistakes just like the rest of us. The positive and negative outcomes of
these consequences depend on your actions and what you choose to do
in life. Whatever you decide to do is there with you for the rest of your
entire life.

First of all, let’s think about the negative values that would
retain to education for example. Education is the primary key to
success in life as to getting a job, going to college, running for
some sort of office, or having the possessions you once thought
about when you were a little child. All of these pertain to
education, but if you don’t come to school and pay attention
then what’s the point in having a job or going to college? You
might as well be a nothing if it’s not worth something to maybe
not y