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High School Sports
Most extracurricular activities can greatly impact a
student’s life in many ways if they choose to take
advantage of them. Drugs and alcohol are extremely high
in today’s society. Another problem in today’s society is
the number of high school students dropping out and the
number of D’s and F’s on a student’s transcript. Many
students who are talented and are good at school also
choose not to go to collage because they can’t afford it
and school sports can help you out with that.
Getting involved in school sports can greatly impact
a students by keeping them involved. Being involved in
something that you like will help you to stay out of
trouble due to having less time to do the things that you
shouldn’t be doing. Having less of a bad influence can
help you stay in school and get good grades. Staying
away from gangs, drama, violence, drugs, and alcohol
helps improve your life style as well as your future. There
will be a better chance of you going to collage if you a