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Persuasive Essay
Why should American businesses and politicians
consider raising the minimum wage? Some folks like
liberal-minded Bernie Sanders exhort businesses out of
good conscience to increase their minimums to $15.00 an
hour so that working families can save for necessities like
college tuition and health care. Yet others like Donald
Trump disparage current wages as too high and as a drain
on small businesses. The Los Angeles Times editorial
board in “Raise the Minimum Wage” successfully supports
the position that the minimum wage should be increased
by exploiting the classic persuasion techniques of logos
and pathos.
The use of pathos—or emotional suggestiveness and
sensitivity—is most pronounced in the opening
paragraph, building a sense of pity for the hardworking
Californians who cannot make a living wage while
working full-time. As the authors argue, “the measure will
bring much-needed relief to thousands of Californians
struggling to get by” (2). Carefully chosen diction in