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High school sports
The world is filled with a numerous amount of student
athletes that could somewhere down the road have a bright
future. Being a student athlete comes with a lot of adult-like
responsibilities, high school years are when they are coming
closer to being on their own. Playing the sport that you love or
want to attend in your high school days are a privilege, not a
right. By me saying that, I am stating that grades come first
before any event that you are trying to do at your high school.
If a student can’t get it together and get in done in the
classroom, they will not be eligible for that sport.
I honestly believe that what is known to me as the
grades before play policy helps high school students out in the
classroom tremendously. The fact that students know if their
grades aren’t were they need to be helps push students to work
harder and keep their heads in the books, in my opinion. A lot of
schools are starting to get very strict on suspending athletes for
a certai