Free persuasive essay example 11Free persuasive essay example 11Free persuasive essay example 11
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Steps to Plan your writing –
First – read the issue or prompt TWICE – be sure you are clear about the argument about
which you are being asked to take a side.
Second – create a T-chart to brainstorm all of the reasons you can think of for BOTH sides – you
may actually have more to say about the side you don’t agree with!
Third - Pick the side you think you can best defend based on your T-chart – circle your three
best reasons – these will become the framework or skeleton for your paragraphs.

Persuasive Essay – Directions – use the planning steps you have completed for the topic you
have chosen to write a persuasive essay.
REMEMBER – your GOAL is to convince the reader to agree with you about the issue.
Paragraph One – Introduce the issue you are writing about – try to begin in an interesting way
that will “hook” your reader and make them want to read more. Introduce each of your
reasons, but DO NOT start to explain the reasons or give the details or examples in this