Free persuasive essay example 09Free persuasive essay example 09Free persuasive essay example 09
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Give background information about the situation:
Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? Cell phones are no longer used just for calling or texting.
They have become excellent tools that people can’t do without.
Now, tell what you think needs to happen in response to the situation: I not only believe students
should be able to use cell phones in class, I think they should actually be required to have them!

Body Paragraph 1
State reason #1: (Start with a transition word! first of all, to begin with, in the first place)
Cell phones make it possible for students to stay in touch with family and friends
Now use logical arguments, facts, personal observations, or expert opinions for your Supporting Details:

Supporting Detail 1: A student can call home and ask a family member to bring a forgotten assignment
or forgotten lunch money
Supporting Detail 2: In a recent stud