Free persuasive essay example 03Free persuasive essay example 03Free persuasive essay example 03
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Author: Anirudh Agarwal

In today’s fast moving world everyone is busy with their own daily
life; one or the other is always unable to fulfill their social obligations. In
such a situation Family tourism is a great way to spend time with all the
family members and have a blast together. Family tourism is fun because
it acts as a stress buster by keeping us away from our daily schedule and
providing entertainment for the whole family. Some of the values and
beliefs which the families, having members between the age group of 16
to 45 are, importance for money and safety concerns. This is mainly
because they are traveling with young adolescents. Although there are
many places around the globe which act as great tourist destinations,
hill stations in Uttaranchal have holiday packages specially dedicated to
family travelers. Uttaranchal is a perfect place to begin your family
holiday since it has a wide variety of activities which can be done in
groups. Another major advantage is that Uttar