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Parental Consent Form – Level 2 Visits
To be completed by the Visit Leader:
Please return to: Ms M Doyle
The Visit Leader will only divulge information on this form to other staff as necessary,
to ensure the welfare and safety of the participant.
Group: Year 9 Taster Day
Place of visit: Easton and Otley College, Easton Campus, Easton, Norfolk, NR9 5DX
Method of travel: Coach

To be completed by the Parent/Guardian
I am willing for my child ________________________________ Class
to take part in the above visit/journey and, having read the information provided, I
agree to his/her taking part in the activities described.
I understand that the staff responsible for the activities will take all reasonable care of
I give/do not give* permission for my child/ward to receive pain relieving medication
when appropriate (one dosage of Paracetamol/Ibuprofen only).
I give/do not give* permission for my child to be provided with sun cream if