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SAMPLE Parental Consent Form for Child to participate in Research Study
College of Education
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132
Title of Research: Special Education Student’s Attitude/School Performance
Name of Principal Investigator/Primary Researcher: Student Researcher Name
Phone Number of Principal Investigator/Primary Researcher: 999-999-9999
Name and Phone Number of Committee Members: Dr. Certo, 415-338-9999
Dr. Schuler, 415-338-9999
A. Purpose and Background
Under the supervision of Dr. Schuler, Professor of Special Education at San Francisco State
University, Student Researcher Name, a graduate student in research of Special Education is
conducting research on students’ attitudes about their special education placement and school
performance. The purpose of this interview is to help the researcher study students’ attitudes
about being placed in Special Day Class and how it relates to school performance.
B. Procedures
If I agree for my ch