Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 36Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 36Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 36
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This NONCOMPETITION AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is made by and between NetScreen
Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Acquirer”), and Krishna Kolluri (“Stockholder”), as of
October 3, 2003. For purposes of this Agreement, “Acquirer” shall be deemed to include Acquirer and its
majority-owned direct and indirect subsidiaries that operate the business of the Company (as defined
This Agreement is contingent upon and is entered into in connection with an Agreement and Plan of
Merger, dated as of October 3, 2003 (the “Merger Agreement”), by and among Acquirer, Neon
Acquisition Corp., a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Acquirer (“Merger Sub”),
and Neoteris, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), pursuant to which Merger Sub is to merge
with the Company (the “Merger”). This Agreement shall become effective only upon the Effective Time
as set forth in the Merger Agreement (the “Effective Date”). Capitalized terms used