Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 19Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 19Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 19
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This Confidentiality, Non-Competition, and Inventions Agreement
("Agreement") is entered into this 20th day of June 2006 between Reed
("Employee") and Capella Education Company.
A. Capella Education Company and its subsidiaries (including Capella
University, Inc.) are collectively referred to as "Capella" in this Agreement.
B. Capella desires to employ Employee as Senior Vice President of
Marketing, and Employee desires to be employed in that capacity.
C. As an employee of Capella, Employee would have access to
Information (a term which is defined below).
D. Capella provides, develops, sells, and markets on-line educational
products and services. Much of the work of Capella is done through the
which is global in coverage and can be accessed by people throughout the
E. As a condition of Employee's employment by Capella, Employee and
enter into this Agreement, the terms of which Employee acknowledges