Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 11Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 11Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 11
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Employment and Non-Compete Agreement, dated as of November 28, 2008 (this
"Agreement"), between Skullcandy, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), and Jeremy Andrus,
an individual with a principal place of residence located at 2681 S. Chadwick Street, Salt Lake City, Utah
84106 ("Executive").
A. Prior to the date hereof, Executive was employed by the Company.
B. On the date hereof, the Company, Goode Skullcandy Holdings LLC (the "Investor") and the
other parties identified on the signature pages thereto, entered into a Securities Purchase and Redemption
Agreement (the "Purchase Agreement") pursuant to which, among other things, the Investor acquired
capital stock of the Company, the Company issued a convertible note to the Investor and the Company
may redeem shares of capital stock owned by Executive and certain other stockholders.
C. Executive acknowledges that as a material inducement to the Investor to enter into the
Purchase Agre