Free Non-Compete Agreement Template 04
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Non-Compete Contract Agreement
{Name} agrees that, during the term of {emplyoment, relationship, etc.} he/she will not
engage in competing business in the industry of{type of industry}, or with any other business
that can in any way be deemed a competitor of {Company Name}, during{employment,
relationship, etc.}, and for a period of {number} year(s) after termination of {employment,
relationship, etc.}.
Specifically, {Name} may not, directly or indirectly, own, lease, control, operate, participate in,
manage, provide services for, consult with, advise, or permit his/her name to be used by any
business that competes with{Company Name} in any way.
For the purposes of this contract, a "competitor" or "competing business" is defined as one that
operates, in any capacity, in the {type of industry} industry, within a{number} mile radius
of {Company Name}.
Signed this {date} day of {month}, {year}.