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Non-Disclosure Agreement
This agreement covers proprietary information belonging to Archaeopteryx Software, Inc. dba Wingware (the "Discloser") that is made available
or disclosed to the party signing this agreement (the "Recipient"). This information (referred to as the "Confidential Information") includes, but
is not limited to, software products (Software Products), software source code (Software Source Code), documentation, and correspondences,
all rights to which are owned or controlled by Discloser, that have not otherwise been made publicly available by the Discloser. Confidential
Information, however, does not include: (a) information generally available to the public; (b) widely used programming practices or algorithms,
(c) information rightfully in the possession of the Recipient prior to signing this agreement; and (d) information independently developed
without the use of any of the provided Confidential Information.
The Recipient agrees to hold the Confidential Information