Free Non Disclosure Agreement Template 22
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Confidentiality Agreement
, “Party 1” and
“Party 2,” are entering into an agreement concerning:


Party 2 has requested that certain information remain confidential. The two parties agree to the
following terms:
Confidential Information
Non-Confidential Information
1. Except as otherwise stipulated in this agreement, Party 1 will not disclose the confidential
information listed above in any oral or written manner to any outside parties.
2. The information shall be kept confidential until
3. The obligations to ensure and protect the information and to provide notice of the information’s
confidential nature will exceed the expiration date of this agreement.
4. Nothing in this agreement provides Party 1 with any titles, rights, or ownership to Party 2’s
5. Party 2 may demand the return of any of the confidential information outlined above. Party 1
will then have
days to return it.
6. Party 1 may disclose the information to the following individuals, person