Free Non Disclosure Agreement Template 16
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Non-Disclosure Agreement
Effective Date: date
Participant: name
In order to protect certain confidential
information that may be disclosed by Discloser
(“DISCLOSER”) to the “Participant” above, they
agree that:
1. The confidential information disclosed under
this Agreement is described as: text
2. The Participant shall use the confidential
information received under this Agreement
for the purpose of: text
3. The Participant shall protect the disclosed
confidential information by using the same
degree of care, but no less than a reasonable
degree of care, to prevent the unauthorized
use, dissemination, or publication of the
confidential information as the Participant
uses to protect its own confidential
information of a like nature.
4. The Participant shall have a duty to protect
only that confidential information which is (a)
disclosed by DISCLOSER in writing and
marked as confidential at the time of
disclosure, or which is (b) disclosed by
DISCLOSER in any other manner and i