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Parent or Guardian “Model” Release for Child
I am the parent or guardian of the minor child named below and I have the legal authority to execute this
release on behalf of the child. In consideration of the child’s engagement as a model and for other
valuable consideration received, I give _______________________________________ (“Photographer”)
and Photographer’s heirs, legal representatives, and assigns the irrevocable, perpetual, and unrestricted
right to take and use photographs of the child named below taken by the Photographer (“Photographs”) in
all forms, media and manners, in conjunction with the child’s or a fictitious name, for advertising, trade,
promotion, exhibition, or any other lawful purposes. I waive any right to review or approve the
Photographs, the use of the Photographs, or the matter that may be used in conjunction with the
Photographs now and in the future, regardless of whether that use or matter is known to me. I waive any
right to royalties or other compensati