Free Memorandum of Understanding Template 04Free Memorandum of Understanding Template 04Free Memorandum of Understanding Template 04
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Lund University, Sweden

1. Purpose
With the object of promoting their co-operation in academic education and
research, Lund University (“LU”) and xxx, individually also “Party” and
collectively the “Parties”, enter into the following Memorandum of
Understanding (“MoU”).
2. Forms of Co-operation
Within such fields as are mutually acceptable for the Parties, the following forms
of co-operation, amongst others, may be pursued hereunder:

Exchange of students
Joint teaching activities
Joint research activities
Visits by, and exchange of, scholars, teachers and other staff.

3. Specific Co-operation Projects
Specific co-operation projects, for instance within such fields as described in
section 2 above, must be negotiated separately between the Parties and are in each
specific case to be established in separate written agreements, stating the
respective rights and obligations of the Parties. In case of any ambiguity or
conflict of terms betw