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Our wedding day is a collection of Jewish Customs and traditions. The wedding ceremony is broken down
into different parts and this program was created to help enhance your understanding of each. We hope
that you enjoy!

Wedding Traditions
The Ketubah is a marriage contract, required by Jewish law, attesting to the commitments and
obligations Sara and Jordan make to each other as a married couple. It is one of the oldest elements of
Jewish weddings, dating back over two thousand years. Prior to the ceremony, the Ketubah was signed
by Sara and Jordan.
Witnesses to the Ketubah Signing
Gary Mayer
Dear Friend of the Bride and her Family

Mitchell Weisband
Uncle of the Groom

The Bedeken is the veiling ceremony during which the groom placed a veil over the bride. The Bedeken
took place before the ceremony and is considered one of the most moving elements of a traditional
Jewish wedding. By covering his bride with a veil, the groom ascertained her identity, and confirmed that