Free letter of reprimand 25Free letter of reprimand 25Free letter of reprimand 25
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John Doe
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Subject: Written Reprimand – Excessive Absenteeism
Dear :
On August 2, 2005, we met to discuss the fact that your sick leave usage had exceeded the
District’s established threshold of 48 hours within a rolling 12-month period, as per
Administrative Procedure VII- 3. At that time, you were provided with a copy of this
Administrative Procedure, and were encouraged to reduce your sick leave usage to avoid
further action. No mitigating circumstances were identified at that time to offset your total
of 52 hours of sick leave used per the 8/2/05 Sick Leave Report. You failed to reduce your
sick leave usage, and in fact your sick leave use increased to a total of 72 hours per the Sick
Leave Report dated 1/29/06.
We met again on February 1 to discuss this issue further. At that meeting, it was determined
that sick leave had been appropriately coded with the exception of 2 hours which were a
result of a