Free letter of reprimand 09Free letter of reprimand 09Free letter of reprimand 09
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Oral and Written Reprimands
1. Disciplining employees is difficult for most supervisors, but it is necessary sometimes.
When you need to reprimand an employee, orally or in writing, make sure you are
a. Have a witness
b. Know ahead of time what you will say
c. Be brief, decisive, succinct, and direct; this is not a time for soft-peddling, overexplaining, feeling defensive, or changing your message in reaction to the
employee’s anger, sadness, or fear
d. Prepare for push back
e. Do not be dissuaded by the employee

If the employee is in a represented (by the union) position and asks for a
representative to be present, stop the meeting and allow the employee to get a
shop steward or another person to sit in the meeting

g. Remember: this is a meeting you called to convey a message; don’t let it turn
into anything else
h. If necessary, become a broken record: you did this, it’s not OK, you need to do
this, yes I am disciplining you, yes I hear you

Don’t expect the empl