Free letter of reprimand 11Free letter of reprimand 11
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Melinda Hammond
ADMS 624
Dr. D. Melton
Letter of Reprimand
Mrs. Wilma Jackson
624 ADMS Street
Dr. Melton, VCU 31214
January 15, 2014

Dear Mrs. Jackson
The purpose of this letter is to reprimand you for inappropriately following the guidelines and
procedures set forth in the 2013 – 2014 ABHS Faculty Handbook in the event of an unforeseen absence.
On January 14, 2013, it was assumed that you were absent due to medical reasons. You contacted Mrs.
Bertha May (another teacher in the department) at approximately 6:03 am on January 14, 2013 via
email. The email stated you were unable to come to work due to illness. Unfortunately, Mrs. May was
out of the building as well. At 8:50 am, it was observed that majority of your students were caught in
the morning sweep and later discovered a substitute was not provided for your class. Mr. Jonnie Cash
(9th grade administrator) sat with your class until a substitute was secured. In addition to improperly
reporting an absence; emergency lessons plans w